Know your audience. For BrookdaleLiving it resulted in over $100,000 additional revenue.

Seniors can find a variety of community living options on

The first thing they tried was putting

#1. A photo of an elderly woman on a landing page.

#2: then Instead of the picture, they tried putting a 1 minute and 56 second video.

The photo did 3.92% better than the movie, which led to over $100,000 more in sales.

You may already know that video almost always wins in these kinds of tests.

What was different about this time?

1. Most of their users are casual customers who care most about speed and ease of use.
2. The target group has a slower internet connection, so videos might not work for them.
3. Most older people are afraid of “new” things or things that do something surprising (like a video that starts playing by itself), so they leave the page when they see something like that.

Alway Know who you’re talking to.



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