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Harnessing LinkedIn Pulse: A Game Changer for Growth Marketers

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is no less than a challenging pursuit. Marketers are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to reach greater audiences, establish credibility, and generate high-quality leads. This is where LinkedIn Pulse comes in.

LinkedIn Pulse is a publishing platform that allows users to share their expertise, establish thought leadership, and gain exposure to the platform’s wide network of professionals. For growth marketers looking to elevate their strategies, LinkedIn Pulse can indeed be a game-changer. This blog post unlocks the potential of LinkedIn Pulse and offers tactical insights on how you can use it to sharpen your growth marketing edge.

Understanding LinkedIn Pulse

Originally a stand-alone app, Pulse has since been incorporated into the LinkedIn platform, transforming into a treasure trove of user-generated content. As of 2021, LinkedIn has over 700 million users across 150 countries — a gigantic audience pool awaiting your insights.

Pulse provides an avenue for you to create and publish blogs, articles, and thought leadership pieces, allowing professionals to engage with your content and introduce yourself to a broader audience.

1. Establishing Thought Leadership

One of the best ways to use LinkedIn Pulse is to establish and solidify your thought leadership. By presenting your knowledge and expertise, you boost your credibility within your industry, and subsequently, nurture trust among your target audience.

Offer Unique Perspectives

Instead of solely delivering facts and figures, bring value by offering original perspectives on trending topics in your industry. Your unique insights will set you apart, position you as a thought leader, and stimulate valuable discussions within your network and beyond.

Leverage Your Experience and Expertise

Draw from your wealth of knowledge and professional journeys in your posts. Reflecting on your unique experiences will not only make your content relatable but also provide readers with practical insights that they can apply to their own careers.

Share In-Demand Skills and Knowledge

Regularly keep tabs on industry needs and skills gaps. Produce content that taps into these areas, providing your audience with valuable information they might not easily find elsewhere.

2. Engaging With Your LinkedIn Network

While writing and publishing insightful articles is crucial, a key component to leveraging Pulse effectively is to engage with your readers proactively and stimulate discussions around your content.

Encourage Comments and Initiatives Discussions

At the end of your article, pose questions that foster conversation or invite readers to share their perspectives on the topic. The more discussions your posts garner, the larger the reach, amplifying your visibility on LinkedIn.

Thoroughly Engage with Comments

Take time to reply to each comment on your post. It not only shows your appreciation for readers’ time and input, but it also keeps the conversation going and potentially brings more visibility to your post.

Follow and Engage with Other Industry Leaders

Following and interacting with other thought leaders on Pulse will not only provide you insights into generating impactful content but also help you build a strong professional network.

3. Consistency in Posting for Better Reach

Regular posting is paramount to ensure you stay on the radar of your audience. Consistency not only helps retain current followers but also attracts new ones.

Develop a Content Calendar

Create a content calendar to schedule your posts in advance. Frequent posts mean you create more opportunities to appear in your network’s feed and their connections.

Select Optimal Posting times

Through trial and error, identify the most effective times to post. The optimal time largely depends on your target audience’s demographic. Typically, weekdays and work hours yield better engagement for B2B audiences, as that’s when professionals are more likely to be active on LinkedIn.

4. Optimizing Your Content for Better Visibility

Much like web content, Pulse articles also need to be optimized to increase their visibility and discoverability.

Appropriate Use of Keywords

Just as you would in your website content, identify appropriate keywords and include them throughout your Pulse article. However, avoid keyword stuffing and ensure your content flows naturally.

Clear and Concise Headlines

Create headlines that articulate the article’s essence and what the readers can expect. An intriguing headline will increase click-through rates and the chances of the article being read.

Leverage Visuals

Enhance your content engagement by including relevant images, infographics, and videos. Visual content not only enhances readability but also increases the likelihood of your post being shared.

5. Analysing and Adapting Your LinkedIn Pulse Strategy

Even the best strategies need to be flexible and adapt to changing realities. Hence, it is essential to measure your articles’ performance and glean actionable insights from their results.

Monitor Key Metrics

LinkedIn provides in-depth analytics for Pulse articles. Pay attention to metrics such as views, likes, shares, and comments your articles receive. Higher engagements could indicate that your content was well-received, enabling you to create similar content in the future.

Learn from Your Successful (and Less Successful) Articles

Identify trends in your highest-performing articles. Do they share common topics or structures? Use this data to refine your content strategy and better cater to your audience’s interests and preferences.

Experiment with Topics and Formats

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different topics and formats. Mixing up your content and incorporating fresh perspectives can bring in readers from different niches, thereby amplifying your reach.


LinkedIn Pulse can be an incredibly effective tool for growth marketers. With the ability to reach a vast professional network with valuable, influential content, growth marketers can use Pulse to establish thought leadership, create impactful branding, and stimulate significant audience engagement.

Embrace LinkedIn Pulse to experiment with your growth marketing strategies, continually adapt, learn, and stay ahead in this dynamic digital landscape. Be it compelling insights, powerful narratives, or unique perspectives, let your Pulse articles reflect the knowledge leader you are. In time, you will find LinkedIn Pulse to be more than just a publishing platform — it will be a catalyst for your growth marketing success.

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