This 3-step principle increased conversions by 52%-326%..

When you don’t feel inspired or don’t have any ideas for tests, you can read about specific studies.
They generate interesting thoughts and inspire you.

But if you know how things work, even just one theory can give you hundreds of interesting ideas and months of inspiration.

Today, I’ll talk to you about an idea called – The Conversion Trinity.

Think of yourself as a visitor, reader, lead, or customer when you look at any landing page or copy. Then, ask yourself these three questions:
1. Does this relate to what I want, need, or want to do?
2. Do I know why this is the right answer for me? Is it clear what the value proposition or offer is?
3. Is it clear what I should do next? Does this make me feel like I can do that thing?

and mind you, the answers should come quickly without the need to think too much

# By following this rule, Patricia increased the number of people who signed up for her email by 52.8%.
# The same idea was used by Boost CTR for their ad. The click-through rate went up by 326% as a result.


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