[Study] How Talview increased their conversions into purchases by 2000%…

Did you ever have a problem of plenty? I mean your various marketing activities are generating lots of leads BUT they are not converting and you as a double whammy while efforts and money were being spent to generate these leads, additional efforts and money were going to waste as the sales team was spending time but not able to close the leads? Sounds familiar?

Talview too had a problem: it had too many leads that were not good.
All of the leads were too much for their sales team to handle.
Very few people actually bought something.

Then they changed how they did things.
As a result, lead quality went up by +2000%.


At first, they got tips from 22 different places.

Then they stopped counting the number of leads when measuring channels.
Instead, they looked at each channel based on one factor:
Life Time Value / Customer Acquisition Cost * 100

1. Offline events: 1333 percent
2. SEO: 686%
3.Partners (business growth): 541%

So, they put all of their efforts into just these three BEST outlets.

+2000% to lead quality

Your channels can differ from theirs.
The key is to run your own analysis per channel.


Source: blog.talview.com

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