Study: 10x more opt-ins into free trials with this simple change

DigitalOcean is a company that hosts sites. They had a problem: only 0.21% of people who saw their pop-up offer for a free trial took them up on it.

Then they tried a new method that made 10 times as many people sign up.

The only big change they made was where they put it.
They advertised the free sample as a gift for DigitalOcean’s birthday, which is actually every day.

Now, their window says, “Wait!
It’s our birthday, but you get the gift of one month of free cloud storage.
Coupon code: HBD2CW
Type your email address here < email >

As this worked beautifully to increase their sign up rates for the free trial, They also tried to make “gifts” for other events, like Christmas, Halloween, and Independence Day.

And every time, these popups led to 10–15 times more people signing up.

So, this tells us that while the offer is the same, someone wrapping it in some kind of a gift for a special occasion increased acceptability, as people like gifts and also since the event seems shortlived, it created a sense of urgency to take action.


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