Sneak peaks can sometimes find surprises that may be cause of lower conversions

You’ve tried using the industry’s best methods, but your results have been below expectations 

There’s may be a crucial step you’re skipping, but don’t know what ? 

Here’s a case in point.

Once increased their sales during checkout by 15%.


A few hundred recordings of customers using the checkout process were being viewed and analysed.

And found that around 15% of the time, the “Proceed to Next Step” button which normally takes customers to the payment stage suddenly vanishes. This could be a bug in their software 

So, what’s the lesson here?

Don’t just blindly assume everything is working, especially, when the results are much different from expectations . Use industry best practices and tools to figure out what may be wrong. In this case, session recording tools helped uncover the problem.  Here’s a list of some such tools

Microsoft clarity ( Free )
and many more… ( just google for session recording tools )

Start with what you know and build from there. Always one of a kind.

Make use of applicable best practices in light of your specific findings.

Here’s a wonderful, no-cost resource for recording sessions: SmartLook



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