A warm-up approach that helps Jon get more webinar registrations

When selling straight to cold leads, it seems like every niche today has a negative ROI.

Now, you need to get leads, talk to them, and then sell to them.
How to wake up is the question.

This is what Jon Shumacher does with webinars.
1.  48% of people showed up.
2.Just one session brought in $13,420 in sales.

Here are the most important things he does that help him get these benefits…

1. He sends out an email about his webinar every day for 5 days before it starts, telling people about the benefits, whys, whats, study, and tips.
2. A webinar sends out reminders 24 hours, 6 hours, 3 hours, 1 hour, and 15 minutes before it starts.
3. After registering for the webinar, he shows a short 5-minute promotional video on a “Thank you” page and asks them to add the webinar to their calendars right away.
4. He goes after people who sign up for Facebook again.

Higher registrations  ( 48% vs average 30% ) , equals higher sales in webinar  = higher revenue



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