A story on how a simple answer to a popular question turned $25K into $2.5 million

The question, “What should I build next?” has been on the minds of all entrepreneurs since the first product, book, event, or course was released.

The identical question was posed by Jeff Goins, who also released a course, making $25,000.

When asked why he would create something new, his companion replied, “Because it’s selling.” I don’t understand why you wouldn’t keep releasing it and refining your sales pitch.

So, Jeff followed the recommendation.

He made some adjustments to the offering, increased the prices, and relaunched the course the next month. He was able to earn $35,000 as a result.

A few months later, after analysing customer feedback and adjusting his sales process, he made $48,000.

$60,000 after only two months

Later: $98,000

As time went on, he was able to resell the course for $2.5 million, 100 times more than he made from the initial (and maybe only) launch.


Source: videofruit.com


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