90,000 more organ donors through A/B testing [GOV.UK`s case study]

Individuals from GOV.UK aimed to get as many individuals as possible to sign up for the NHS organ donor register by using eight distinct calls to action and more than a million views to the tax disc ‘Thank You’ page.

Forced: “Register as an organ donor with the National Health Service.”

Two forms shared the same CTA: This is the default + “Every day thousands of people who see this page decide to register.”

However, the second one also featured an attractive stock photo of a group of smiling people.

The end result was a 26% decrease in sales due to the use of that stock photo.

Added perspective.

The control plus “If you needed an organ transplant, would you have one?” If yes, then please assist others ,  was the most effective of eight variants because it introduced ideas of reciprocity and fairness. 

When compared to the control version, it increased conversions by 39%. That caused an increase of 90,000 organ donors!

Conclusion: When asking for something,  it is always advisable to have a strategy, where you can have reciprocity built into the ask

Source of study : gds.blog.gov.uk

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