3x higher mobile sales conversions (study)

The world is moving at such a breakneck pace that you have probably already missed this monumental development.

Approximately 1.5% of all smartphone traffic is converted.
The percentage of mobile sales converted by NatoMounts increased by more than three times to roughly 5%.

How did they do it ?

Smartphone users have becoming increasingly impatient as both their devices and the internet accelerate.

When time is of the essence, every fraction of a second counts.

One of the most important things NatoMounts did was to provide one-touch payment processing. Yes, you just buy with a single click ( go head and try this on their website ) 

How many steps are required on your website to make the purchase ? 

When the average render start time was reduced from 1.8 seconds to 1.4 seconds, CRO increased by 23%, according to another study.

Time: 0.4 seconds! Our world is so rapid that only 0.4 seconds can make a huge difference.

Source: marketingland.com

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