Jumia implemented THIS and shoppers started to recover abandoned carts 9X more often than before. Crazy!

A community member named Vivek Khandelwal pointed out a huge problem to me.

Are you familiar with the warnings that read “This website wants to send you notifications: Block / Allow?”
In other words, they encourage you to “Subscribe to our push notifications.”

I didn’t realise their strength until now. Incredible statistics:

1. 9 times as many customers have retrieved items from abandoned carts since Jumia began sending out push notifications. Crazy!

Push notification open rates increased from 10% to 31%.

Third, getting people to click “Allow us to send you notifications” is up to 30 times easier than getting them to “input your email.”

Budget-friendly resource
Even more impressive was the discovery that community member Fillipe Cordeiro made: a free service for Push Notifications called OneSignal.com.

My… God… 🙂

Source: https://www.izooto.com/

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