How this new SEO tool managed to make $250K in a week in a competitive market with $0 marketing costs…

In the Russian-speaking market, Serpstat was a well-liked SEO analysis tool.
However, in the crowded international market, they were virtually invisible.

This resulted in 6400 new customers and $250,000 in weekly revenue with zero marketing expenditures.

Whence came their success?

The procedure they used is as follows:

One, they inevitably found AppSumo.
In case you haven’t heard of them, twice a week they send out an email to their 730,000+ subscribed users promoting a new and exciting lifetime deal.
Your product could be featured.

On this page, they submitted an application to be eligible for an AppSumo giveaway:

There was a silence for two months.

They located a contact whose SaaS had previously been highlighted on AppSumo and requested a personal introduction.
It was useful. This group was accepted.

Once Serpstat got the okay, it did the following:
For only $39 once, you can get a lifetime membership (normally $19 per month).
A customised homepage (5.2).
A unique video prologue, section 5.3.
5.4 They have set up a special 24/7 schedule for their support staff so that they can field thousands of inquiries per day (they received 685 comments).
Adding two more servers to accommodate the tens of thousands of new signups (they got 8400).

The promotion was highlighted as the sixth item. This resulted in 6400 new customers and a weekly revenue of $250,000 for the business.


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