Surveying didn’t work for her, so she applied another method. Result: 20% more leads. (you can replicate it today)

Joanna was trying to get more people to sign up for a rehab centre on a landing page.
But because of the subject, it was hard for her to find words that were good enough for the test.
Customers who had been there before or were still there didn’t want to tell the truth…

Joanna used a different way.
1. She found out what she wanted without asking current or past clients.
2. This led to a 400% increase in sales from the landing page and a 20% increase in leads from form submissions on the next page.

What she did, which you can also do, is this:

1.She looked up a few books about the subject on Amazon.
2.She read the reviews and copied and pasted the real language used by the reviewers into a spreadsheet with the following columns:
2.1. Memorable words.
2.2 What people really want.
2.3. What makes people angry or hurt.
3.Then, for A/B tests, I used those exact words.

Here’s the A/B test that won…

“Your Addiction Ends Here” should be the title.
Copying reviews from Amazon, the new title says, “If you think you need rehab, you do.”


1. More sales by more than 400%
2. 20 percent more leads





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