How to boost your traffic from Google 5 times – here are the instructions by Larry Kim, CTO at WordStream

If you want to increase your Google traffic by a factor of 5, you need only swap out your “donkey” (boring, unattractive) headlines for “unicorn” ones. MOZ conducted the research that led to these findings.

This takes a considerable amount of time. You would be much more efficient with your time and resources if you knew exactly which pages yielded the best results.

It’s possible. WordStream’s Chief Technology Officer and guru Larry Kim lays out the steps below:

1. Visit your website through Google’s webmaster tools (search console).
2.Go “Search Traffic” then “Search Analytics”
3. Select “Queries” and look at the following: Clicks, Impressions, CTR, and Position
4.Go to the page’s bottom and click the “Download” button.

5.Import it into Excel.
6.To create an X-Y plot, highlight the “CTR” and “position” columns.
7. Add a trendline to the chart by right-clicking it and selecting “add trendline” (then choose an exponential trend line).
8.Graph  will appear somewhat like this.
9. Give your full attention to the terms at the far left of your curve (high position, low CTR).
10. Look these terms up on Google and jot down your “donkey” headlines/links.
11 Check the conversion rates (revenue, etc.) for each link in Google Analytics (or your chosen tool).
12.The headlines of your highest-converting links are where you should begin optimising.

You should run 25 different headline tests on Google AdWords for each link. When you finally track down your unicorn, you should give the donkey title the boot.


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