Here’s a free tool for creating forms. Its average completion rate is 4 times higher than average forms.

About 14% of forms are filled out on average in a given business. TypeForm?, a free tool for making cool forms, has an average finish rate of 57%, which is four times higher than the rate for other tools.


I tried it out, and this is what I think about “Why”:

1.One question is shown at a time, so the person is not overwhelmed.
2. It makes things a lot smoother by automatically scrolling and posting.
3. It looks natural on mobile devices, and I can make questions with images as replies that a mobile user can easily click with his thumb.
4. It looks lovely.

I found something even more interesting for a growth hacker than high conversion rates:
It can be put into a website.
2. You can open it in a tab!
Or as a page on its own with a link.
4. It can be linked to 500 services through Zapier.
5. It can make webhooks, which is a paid tool that lets you automatically send information from your typeform to a URL. This lets it work with your website.

A tool that every growth hacker needs to run polls. Sorry, Sean Ellis, but goodbye to Survey Monkey and Qualaroo.



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