A free secret growth hacking tool for seeding – looking for your target audience in related tweets and posts

Seeding is a significant growth hacking approach that entails searching for your target audience via similar tweets, Facebook posts, forums, blogs, and Q&A sites.
If you can benefit people, you’ll see an immediate uptick in your user base.
Two, SEO rankings can be improved by white hat link building.

It takes an extremely long time, though.

Here’s a hidden tool (Buzz Bundle) that automatically takes care of a lot of that for you.

1. You first provide it with your keywords.
2. Second, the program searches the web for relevant content and displays it as tweets, posts, and questions.
3. Third, the tool allows for immediate response to these messages.

In this tool’s free edition, you can view 30% of the available threads.

Concise guidance:
1. First, get the file from a download.
2. Select “New Stream” from the menu.
3. Third, type in your search terms or a link to an article that contains your search terms.
4. Make a character for yourself. Get out your username, password, email, and email password and type them in. For security reasons, BuzzBundle needs access to your email password.
5 Go ahead and hit the “Find Buzz” button.
A six-pack:)

Source: www.robbierichards.com

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