Through a rehab facility, he went from having no employment, no money, no house, and no health to having a $6 million business.

He began at a distance of 100 miles below zero.


Khalil Rafati weighed just 109 pounds, was sleeping on the streets, and was high on cocaine and heroin in 2003. (49.5kg).


He now has a business that brings in $6 million annually.


Here is his account:


He relocated to Los Angeles in 1992 at the age of 21 with aspirations of becoming a movie star.


His dream fell apart numerous times between 1993 and 2003, and he began abusing alcohol, marijuana, and later heroin and crack cocaine.


Fortunately, he was saved in 2003 after his ninth overdose. He made the choice to enrol himself in a recovery facility.

He was clean after 4 months.


He worked 16 hours per day, seven days a week, at two rehab facilities between 2003 and 2007 while also washing cars, walking dogs, and doing gardening work. He eventually succeeded in saving money.


For patients who were willing to pay $10,000 a month to reside at the institution, Khalil opened his own rehabilitation facility in 2007.

  1. He understood the suffering of his customers and the brutality of lethargy in sobriety.
  2. He began experimenting with yoga-inspired smoothies to assist his clients with detox to lessen their suffering.
  3. One of the smoothies was so well-liked that customers came from outside his rehab facility to purchase it (this is known as product/market fit).


He made the decision to start a juice bar in 2011 where he would only offer juices.

Sales in the first year were above $1 million.


He has six businesses, flies on a private plane, and earns $6 million year in 2017.

It seems like the premise of a Hollywood film could be based on Khalil’s life.


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