How Rahul Aggarwal from India was able to increase his startup’s revenue from nothing to $1 million in just 14 months

It was really difficult when Designhill founder Rahul Aggarwal first started.

He is Indian-born. It translates to underfunded households with extremely low incomes.


But one strategy enabled him to increase the startup’s income from nothing to $1 million in just 14 months.




  1. By using his service, businesses can publish requests for designs.

Designers submit finished products as opposed to suggestions.

A customer then decides which is best and pays for it.


  1. He concentrated on struggling designers in developing nations, which is why his strategy is successful (Afghanistan, Kenya, India, etc.)


  1. Affiliate marketing was his main priority.

His business aids in the revenue-generation of other platforms (like Shopify!).




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