Hila Qu shared “The First 90 Day Growth Plan” (which Sean Ellis used to help develop the GrowthHackers network)

A list of actions that each growth hacker should take during their first 90 days in a new firm was published by Hila Qu, who worked with Sean Ellis to expand the GrowthHackers network.


Learn about the tool stack in the first week. Then, dive into historical data. Then, meet with your manager or CEO. Then, meet with your team and collaborators. Then, listen to your customers.


First Month: Quick fixes and early successes

Choose your growth measure, then decide on a focus area, then launch tests, then establish frequent contact with consumers, then begin to fill infrastructure, tool, and data gaps.


Holistic growth model, process, and culture for the first 90 days

Build an experimenting programme, establish a system of records, establish a weekly growth meeting, and promote a growth culture.


Source: medium.com

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