A story on how the growth hacking mindset helped British cyclists become #1 in the world and win 8 gold medals

The British cycling team only managed to bring home two bronze medals from the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, placing them 17th in the world. In 2012, British riders had won 12 medals at the London Olympics, including eight gold.

Sir David Brailsford, its coach, played a significant role in the team’s victory. He decided to take a 1% improvement approach to cycling by dissecting the various components involved. When the percentage differences were added together, British Team Sky ended up with 70 percent of the Olympic gold medals in cycling in 2012.

There wasn’t a single, simple solution; rather, it was a collection of smaller, incremental improvements that could be scaled up successfully. This is an example of a growth hacking frame of mind in action.


Source: www.smartinsights.com

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