A 19-year-old guy launched a new podcast and grew it to 100k downloads per show. Here’s his growth hacking plan…

Harry Stebbings, a 19-year-old guy, has recently reached 100k downloads per podcast show.

How? Read on!

1. formulated a distinct idea, “The 20 Minute VC Podcast.

Started a podcast for angel investors and another for prominent venture capitalists.

We analysed the results and got rid of the least popular 3. (for angels).

The fourth: I put out a call to the masses, “What can I do to improve my show?”

Five, the VCs shared their interviews with their massive fan bases.

Only the best shows have been made available for release (deleted the boring ones).

Seventh, we had our interviewees give us fresh introductions.

The end result: 100,000 podcast downloads per episode.

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