+47% CTR easy (98% don′t use this)

What drives more conversions:

  1. Positive sentiments that focus on the pleasure from the gain.
  2. Or negative sentiments that focus on the pain from the loss.


According to a WordStream study:

  1. 98% of ads are either neutral or positive in their sentiments.
  2. While only 2% are negative.


When comparing positive vs negative sentiments back-to-back, 2 studies showed interesting results:

  1. A picture of a fat belly, with a focus on getting rid of it, outperformed the one with a slim, beautiful body by 47%!
  2. A focus on stopping wasting money outperformed the one on increasing efficiency by 70%!


Looks like just by not following the herd, you can beat 98% of your competitors. 😉


Source: neilpatel.com

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