How to 5x your revenue with the ʺLoyal Customersʺ framework…

Adobe analysed 33 billion visits to 180 eCommerce websites and found: 

  1. Returning customers generate as much income as 5 new customers; 
  2. Returning customers spend three times as much on their second purchase as they did on their first; and 
  3. Repeat buyers spend six times as much on their fifth purchase as they did on their first.

Here are the crucial foundations that will aid in expanding your base of devoted clients…

“Turn One-Time Buyers Into Repeat Buyers” Model:

  1. Goal: Encourage habitual purchasing.
  2. Need: Inspiration, Reminders.
  3. Timing: First 30 days.
  4. Strategies and tactics:

(step 4.1). Remind customers when they need to restock on products 

4.2 Remind customers who have abandoned their carts by emailing them.

4.3 Send proactive product suggestions based on collected data .

4.4 Retargeting is a great tool for maintaining brand awareness.

4.5Make collecting loyalty points for purchases a game.

4.6 Put forward enticing incentives, 

Implementing a strategy to “Turn Repeat Buyers into Loyal Customers”

Goal: Enhance commitment to brand.

  1. Need: Affinity, Rewards.
  2. Timing: Next 3-6 months.
  1. Methods and procedures:

4.1 Customers should be rewarded for good behaviour 

4.2 Recognize and reward your most ardent supporters.

4.3 Give special treatment to regular and high-spending customers.

4.4 Strengthening customer loyalty with email support.


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